Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fountain Pen Inks with a Purpose!

I love this infographic from the Pen Chalet. When I choose ink I am usually thinking first about color. I've not thought about these special ink needs-- such as freeze resistance-- but it is good to know. I'd hate to think that people in very cold climates would have to forego the joy of writing with fountain pens!

After my mother's recent death I inherited the chap books and other handwritten memorabilia from my grandfather. Some of these wonderful materials are almost 100 years old, and the ink is easily readable. I don't know what kind of pen or ink he used. But it makes you think. 

In our time we write in ways that are ephemeral. Yes, maybe your tweet or post is archived on someone's server somewhere, but does it create a sense of lasting personal presence? When I write something meaningful of a memoir nature I will use these suggestions to select ink that will last.

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